Wikipedia: Acacia is a genus of shrubs and trees of Gondwanian origin belonging to the Subfamily Mimosoideae of the Pea Family (Family Fabaceae).

We need a lot of new features and I hope the next flower will bring them :-)

Feel free to post suggestion and problems here.
I did already read bloggersoverde

Don't forget to put the link of your blog.
There is still few problems we are working on.

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bloggersoverde looks great unfortunately my "Flamands" is not so good... :s

Gepost door: J-P | 26-09-06

Planning Hope in the end it'll be a real catch-up with the more recent blogging systems.
However it would be extremely nice to have some rough planning about what's still in the pipe. I don't dare do any customizations till it's certain that future changes won't break things up.

Gepost door: Beowulf | 27-09-06

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