Right column Blogs scroll homogenized

The blogs scroll item is: the small drop down on the right which allows you to select the blog you are working with when you are logged in.

Some page had 2 Blogs scroll items: one on the left, one on the right.
From a usability point of view, this was nonsense.

Now there is only one Blogs scroll in the right menu.

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Euh... right... But nobody had a problem with that..?

Gepost door: Beo | 27-04-07

probleemke I try to update tags and category (cf link)
but it did not work

1. First of all I adapted my Journal script with the new Journal Script.

2. I added the tags and category codes in CSS
(so far so good)

3. Then I try to ad the other line in HTML and that is were things doesn't work out. First I don't know 'where' I have to put that line and when I add it somewhere, the word appear in my layout...but my tags does not chnage of colour and weight.

Help please !


Gepost door: dave | 07-05-07

THANKS !! 'twerkt !!!

Ik vind het wel een lullig icoontje. Hebben jullie niet een iets meer sexy-icoontje dan dit nietzeggend tekstballonnetje.

ps: Wanneer iemand bij mij de tag van (bv) "Ridley Scott" aanklinkt dat krijgt hij zowat +100 postjes te lezen met afbeeldingen. Is er een mogelijkheid om een systeem in te bouwen om dit per 10 postjes te rangschikken.


Gepost door: Dave | 08-05-07

THAAAAAAAAAAANKS! Hey guys! I LOVE YOOOU! Really, soooo much thanks for restoring my blog! It was like a dream, I just logged in for making a sad new one, I saw the old one was there, though 'Can't be, is an error.' I cliced and saw MY BLOG, all the entries, all is there again! How did you do that? Thank you damn much, is like a present for x-mas haha. Dankeschön, Dank (i dunno how to say in dutch), gracias, merci!! I'm happy, so.. really thank you a lot! Kisses, Kiki

Gepost door: Kiki | 18-05-07

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