Advanced editor (continued)

No more beta, the new advanced editor is now in action!


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Allright! And now an auto-excerpt for those long posts in the RSS-feeds, instead of a short&dry "klik hier"... ;-)

Gepost door: Beo | 17-08-07

got a question... Is it possible to sort the 'planned posts' in order of the date, just like the post-archive?


Gepost door: The BloodS | 24-08-07

Merci ;-) pour le miracle du jour !
Je t'offre un ballotin de 2000 kg de pralines virtuels ;-)
Belle soirée

Gepost door: Olico | 03-09-07

*Stupid Girl Mode On* Hey guys, I'm like, totally looking forward for the multi-user-blog thing. It will be like, totally cool I mean, like... duh ! Oh yeah, like, cool, you know riggt ? I'd like, you know, like, really like to see it like, coming out soon, you know. I mean, not tomorrow, all right? But like, not like in a month or so because then it's gonna be like, to late for me like, I'll change my hair colour that day and it's gonna mess up like all the... things right? You know what I mean right ? Like if you didn't... right?

So guys just keep like, up the good work you know, like you've been doing so far it's, I mean like uh, so great see ?

Like thanks you so much, like you know
Like I like said like too like much like


Eeew !


Pretty f*ckin' annoying that sh*t isn't.
Imagine these kind of sick girls actually exist.

"Like, I wouldn't stand it for like, 2 minutes right ?"


Okay. I cut the sh*t out.

Anyway, I wanted to say. This feature. I really AM looking so forward to using it.

Gepost door: Cederik | 08-09-07

en pour la flamands de meme sause :-)

Gepost door: oscaar | 22-09-07

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