Personalization Area

The new javascript system may have issue with some specific browser/os.

We are currently searching for a solution.

Image Upload

Personalization area 

Impacted browser/OS: Safari 1.3.x / Mac OS X.3|4 

Post a message area

Impacted browser/OS: Safari 1.3.x / Mac OS X.3|4 

Personalization block


User with more than 200 objects may have strange behavior.

Impacted browser: IE 6.0 and some small configuration with IE 7.0 & 7.0+


If you are a Mac user and if you are using Safari, please could you try with firefox and let us know whether it solves the image uploading problem or not? Could you also let us know if you did successfully upload an image with Safari?

If you are experiencing the slow response time on the Personalization area with Internet Explorer, give us your blogs url, we will then be able to estimate the number of object you have.

If you have an issue with Firefox, please let us know.

The ideal feedback would be like this:

Skynetblog: devteam
 -Image upload in the personalization area: Ok
 -Image upload in the post a message area: Ok
 -Personalization area: Ok
Browser: Firefox + IE 7.0
Operating System: Windows XP Pro/SP 2
Remarks: Everything is fine since March 12th in the afternoon


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