Accidentally deleted a blog?

Some bloggers experienced trouble with the deletion of a blog page and accidentally deleted their blog.. To prevent this from happening again, we improved the usability of this page and added a check field you need to select first, and a second warning asking for your final confirmation before deleting the blog and its posts and displaying a confirmation page.


Warning: as of now deletion of a blog is irriversible and can't be undone!

Opgelet: vanaf nu kan het verwijderen van een blog niet meer ongedaan gemaakt worden!

Attention: à partir de maintenant la suppression d'un blog est irréversible!

Happy blogging!


Right column Blogs scroll homogenized

The blogs scroll item is: the small drop down on the right which allows you to select the blog you are working with when you are logged in.

Some page had 2 Blogs scroll items: one on the left, one on the right.
From a usability point of view, this was nonsense.

Now there is only one Blogs scroll in the right menu.

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Delete Blog

We removed the "delete my blog" functionality from the settings page for usability reasons and created a new "delete my blog" page.delete_blogdelete_my_blog
plus d'info (français)
meer info (nederlands)

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